Podcast Show Notes

This podcast is a wide ranging interview covering many topics relevant to survivors of faith based abuse, particularly in New Zealand. Steve urges survivors of faith based abuse to report their accounts to the New Zealand Royal Commission into Abuse in Care. By doing so, you’ll contribute to the understanding of the abuse crisis and hopefully start us on the road to putting in place an independent body that can listen to survivor accounts, provide support and redress.

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About The Guest

Steve Goodlass at St Bernards Collect and now

“Survivors are so much stronger when we join together”

Steve Goodlass

Steve is a victim / survivor of abuse at the hands of a family associate and then later at the hands of a Marist Brother while at St Bernards College. He’s gone public out of frustration with the Catholic Churches response to the abuse crisis and to help provide a pathway for other survivors to break the silence.

As the developer of “” website, you’ll find a lot of the material that Steve would recommend survivors and supporters watch and read already on this site. Check out the resources and videos page.

About The Host

Murray Heasley

Murray is an advocate and historian for The Network of Survivors of Abuse in Faith-based Institutions and Their Supporters and a founding member of The Reckoning NZ