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Glo was sexually, psychologically and spiritually abused by Father Francis Henry Kitson Terry (Father Terry) at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, in Northcote, Auckland New Zealand. She hadn’t even had her first communion when the abuse started.

In this podcast Glo talks about her abuse, the flow on effects into her life and the fact that it wasn’t until she was 40 yrs old that she found that then she wasn’t the only one and understood in that instant that it wasn’t her fault.

In the 90’s Glo and other survivors in the Auckland Diocese set up a support group, determined to put a stop to the abuse, and to support those that were suffering. The new appointment of Bishop Patrick Dunn saw these initiatives lose the support of the Diocese and die a slow death.

Some key quotes from Glo’s recently published book:

“Fear of exposure” seems to have completely blinded both leadership and faith communities alike, to the ability of being able to recognize the reality of some of the myths that are portrayed including “The Myth of Celibacy” which given the numbers of violations that are emerging throughout the world currently and the damage that this continues to do to the whole faith community within the church, supports my declaration of its

Celibacy may well be a goal but when the outcomes are measured, it seems that the goals are far from being achieved which means that the people who are ministered to are being lied to.   Priests are not all celibate and fewer and fewer are even trying to be celibate.  And neither are Bishops. Or Popes, according to history.  Many are in relationships.  Straight and gay relationships.  In our local area over a 3-year period I was aware of at least 8 priests who left the priesthood to marry or be with women / men with whom they had been in relationships with.

“The recent release of a three-year research project into paedophile Catholic clerics in Victoria Australia, has identified 16 child sex abuse networks operating over six decades involving 99 priests and Christian Brothers. The investigation found that clergy paedophile rings shared patterns of behaviour with criminal gangs, the Mafia, terrorist cells, corrupt police, drug dealers, money launderers and price-fixing cartels.”  Feb 23rd, 2020 published by the Australian newspaper The Age. These stories are not going to go away.  People today cannot and will not be silenced. This is the era of technology.  Of shining the light on what has been hiding in the darkness.   Of truth telling.  It is a time for all those things that have been hidden in the dark to emerge and for Truth and Justice to be faced.

SOUL DESTRUCTION – THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL: Child Abuse By A Catholic Priest (#ShameBusters Book 1)

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About The Guest

I would love to ask these questions [of the Catholic Church] and hear the answers:

  • What does your Inner Christ say to your Soul?
  • What does your Christ Conscience say to You?
  • What does your Compassionate Christ say to You?
  • What does the Truth of Christ say to You?
  • What does the Heart of Christ say to You?
  • And how do You respond to Him?

“Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, so you do unto me” (Matthew 25: 31-46).
And how will You respond to the betrayed Christ who resides within the souls of next avalanche of victims?

Ramsay, Gloria M. SOUL DESTRUCTION – THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL: Child Abuse By A Catholic Priest (#ShameBusters Book 1) (pp. 100-101). Gloria M Ramsay. Kindle Edition.

Glo Ramsey

Glo is a newly published author

She has also has a small counselling, coaching and ThetaHealing practice.

Glo is a mum of 6, nana of 14 and great nana of 7.

Widowed in 1998 and currently in a loving relationship.

Glo always loved learning about personal development and that eventually

resulted in her opportunities to work with people, starting in Early Childhood through Playcentre, and then moving on to study theology with the aim to complete a Pastoral Counselling degree.

She was employed at St Patricks Cathedral as a pastoral assistant and then went on to work for the Diocese as  Religious Educator, working with families whose children were not attending Catholic schools.

As a survivor of clergy abuse she was actively involved in participating with other survivors in the formation of a support group which she was then asked to be a spokesperson for.

After leaving the employment of the church, Glo initially worked in accounts positions for around 10 years, returned to training and began working again with families as a Parent Coach and Social worker until 2012.

Since then she has been working part time in her small healing and well-being practice. She started writing in 2014 and has just completed her first self-published book.

SOUL DESTRUCTION – THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL: Child Abuse By A Catholic Priest (#ShameBusters Book 1)

About The Host

Murray Heasley

Murray is an advocate and historian for The Network of Survivors of Abuse in Faith-based Institutions and Their Supporters and a founding member of The Reckoning NZ