THIS IS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS have just released a article about research they’ve conducted with the lists of credibly accused priests in the USA. I’d recommend you read the story here

What is shocking about the article is:

  • The diocese deliberately exported sex abusing priests to other countries AND they sent them off with blessings from the bishop to the receiving diocese. Given that the priests never ended up in court, no police check would ever indicate that there was a problem. They were free to abuse again in a different country.
  • The diocese provided instructions in some cases to “stay away” for a period of time, presumably so that any statute of limitations would expire.
  • These priests continued to work with children, and we’ll only hear from their subsequent victims in the future because we know it takes over 20yrs for a victim to report in most cases.
  • Worst of all, when propublica managed to talk to a few of the abusers, they showed little remorse. They think that making their peace with God is enough. I’m sure they’re going to get a nasty shock in the afterlife.